This is a transcript from a now rouge MTF/SD operative named [REDACTED]

Well, things happen, here at the foundation. Somethings are amazing, groundbreaking, call it what you want. Other things happen. Very, very bad things. Last month I had to end the lives of researchers [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] because they didn't [EXPLETIVE] they found classified data sheets on the ground. 3 weeks ago, I had to terminate 15 Class-D personnel because they laughed at one persons joke about Dr. British's owl. 2 weeks ago, I had to terminate 14 civilians trying to breach, and then administer amnestics to their families, make them forget about the child they conceived. Make them forget about their big brother, or forget about their husband. Ugh, God. . .

Last week, SCP-[REDACTED] compromised Site-62, My squad along with Theta-2 and Gamma-13 were sent in. Our orders? "Purge all signs of life, other than SCP objects." Dammit! 12 hours, 12 [EXPLETIVE] hours of shooting, killing personal friends, high level members, [REDACTED], even one of my squad. Those DAMN MEMETICS, GOD [EXPLETIVE] [EXPLETIVE], [EXPLETIVE]!!!

Yesterday, I had to terminate a 3 year old reality bender, task force leader told me it was "A high level threat". The kid was making Thomas the tank engines appear everywhere, he was playing having fun, all that ending in a split second. One tiny piece of metal leaving a long piece of metal, ended it all for him. His family as of 0965 doesn't remember who he was, let alone even raising him.

An hour and a half ago, I terminated Security Lieutenant [REDACTED], Mobile Task Force leader [REDACTED], Senior Researcher [REDACTED], Researcher [REDACTED], I could keep on going. These people, go by the motto the end justifies the means. Waste 100s of class-Ds just to find out what something does. They also, Well it doesn't matter anymore, I'm reaching the rift. The foundation can't hurt me there. This is ex Mobile Task Force unit an-



Status of the subject. is currently unknown. The "rift" location is currently unknown. Anomalous event occurred on [REDACTED] in Quadrant 3. Bright lights detected on the surface of planet [REDACTED] Dispatching ENOSIS 2 into deep space orbit. Gravitational slingshot will occur in 30 minutes