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Name: ████ ████████

D.O.B:████████ ████████

Clearance: Level-3

Mobile Task Force Nu-7 "Hammer Down" (Currently Awaiting Assignment) Researcher

Can Be Found At:Site-██, Site-██, and ████-████-██

History: Much of Sky's past is unknown but what little is known where he came from is mainly [REDACTED]. He is hated by much of the lvl-1 and 2 staff. He started as a class-D and slowly worked his way up eventually getting to Level-3 and outranking much of his enemies. He was a former MD Nurse and now is currently a Researcher and on the Task Force "Hammer Down".

Staff Notes:

Quotes: "Should I sound the alarm?" "I like maze battles." "Quote of the year: Sky your a idiot." "Yes, Sir!"

Personal File:Your time in the Foundation may be hard, long or maybe boring but you are here for a purpose and that purpose is to protect humanity! Remember our motto, "Secure, Contain and Protect." and never get attached to anyone because, before you know it they'll be dead and you'll end up in the C.I fighting the sole thing you swore to protect.