Sites that are currently in Administrator Eltork's possesion:Edit

Site-61: Site-61 was originally built by Site Directors from Administrator Boyed's SCPF. It was however inherited by Administrator Eltork, and was updated to feature many more SCP's. The site is basic, but currently houses many SCP's that have not been fully recognized. The site includes a cafeteria with a working SCP-294, a test room, and multiple offices. --Site-61's original title was Site-54, created originally by Jackswigert. The current Site is mostly Marioplaysgames' work. The only people who can truly take credit for its creation are Marioplaysgames and Jackswigert.

Site-97: Site-97 is purely built by O5 Council member Anselan, known as O5-█. Site-97 is the most technologically advanced out of the other sites, with reinforced steel walls, higher security containment chambers, and a working elevator

Site-7: Site-7 was an old site, built originally for Administrator Boyed. Built around 2010, this site is extremely basic, with offices and low-security chambers. Built by current O5 Cosmo.

Site-79: The most recent and short-lived sites. Site-79 was a fan-favorite when it was first released. Containing SCP-079, SCP-939, SCP-127, SCP-1074, and SCP-966, this site featured SCP's that most were not familiar with. Built by current O5 Cosmo. (Re-released but rarely visited)

Site-22: This site was released to the public very recently. It is very under-built, and is very featured. But it has a lot of potential.

Upcoming Sites: As of [DATA REDTACED] CarlosMinghetti has made it very clear he has left SCPF meaning site 40 will not be built.

Addendum Edit

1: Above text is outdated. There are currently 4 Active SCPF Sites.

Armed containment site 108: Currently most popular site. Mostly built by spector1337 with help from many others. Features SCPs: SCP-860, SCP-498, SCP-035, SCP-173, SCP-914, SCP-008, SCP-012, SCP-1074, SCP-037-FR, SCP-009, SCP-1025, SCP-714, SCP-513, SCP-049, SCP-096, SCP-409, SCP-352, SCP-017, SCP-081, SCP-966, SCP-682 and SCP-106. This site contains many SCPs that were previously unseen. It features 4 Sectors unlike many others sites, Site-108 has it's own bar in addition to the cafeteria.

[RP] Armed research facility 16: Originally released as a separate site it was changed into a RP site after being mostly ignored by personnel. This allows those who are not in the group to experience the life of a member of the SCPF. However, classified teams such as IA and ISD must be purchased for Robux. Of course in a site where anyone can become MTF or SD, Breaches are almost constant. Come check out this site to get a taste but don't stay too long - You will get frustrated quickly.

Armed containment area 15: Armed containment area 15 is the newest site. It has elevators, Tesla gates, new doors, walls, a different layout of containment areas, and more. Currently, this site is still under development, and you may encounter unfinished doors often.