This is the official Science Division Complaints document. Any complaints pertaining to Science personnel are to be posted here.


Your name [division and rank]: Dr. K [ScD Researcher]

Name of offender(s): If it's one person put their name, if it's multiple people put their names, if you can't remember just say what division they were in.

Date of Offense: If it was a one time occurrence you put the date of the offense. If happens regularly, then just put "Regularly" or "consistently".

Offense/Complaint: e.g, Dr. H was toying with SCP-XXXX



Name: daniel4222 [SD Trainee]

Name of offender(s): Every ScD personnel that comes up to me.

Date of offense: Consistently

Offense/Complaint: I'm tired of ScD personnel coming up to me and saying "oh I want 2 CDs". Please tell them to ask which SCP they want to test first, then their ScD rank then LASTLY Ask for a CD. Thank you.


Name: Dr. British

Name of offender(s): The catering staff!

Date of offense: EVERYTIME!!!

Offense/Complaint: Why do I always find turds in my soup?


Name: Dr. Logik

Name of offender(s): Multiple D-Class personnel.

Date of offense: This week.

Offense/Complaint: Class-D's have joined our group with the account name's of "Teknologikeatsbabies" and "splitzalotplzno" and "splitzalotsbai". They've been demoted to Class-E now. But I still feel as if they're making new accounts as I write this.