SCP-Amazing Edit

Object Class: Youtube prankster

Special containment procedure: SCP-Amazing is to be kept in a cell made out of really really really bright lightbulbs. This should then be lined with microfibre cloth which can absorb a minimum of 99.627281818171626737%(ffs these calculators can't divide) of incoming and outcoming wifi signals. The microfibre cloth should then be lined with Apple iPads which have been blessed by Steve Jobs himself. Every hour a puppet that has been made to represent O5-69 shall be tossed into SCP-Amazing's containment along with a camera that has finger smears on its lens. A samsung brand Tv displaying 9gag memes shall be place excacly 21.2726 Nano metres above the floor, above that there should also a Nokia lumia phone displaying Shia LaBeouf's motivational speech 'JUST DO IT!' From media sharing site Youtube. A small Indian takeaway shop shall be placed no more than five metres away from the containment and shall only be manned by 2 American born Indian looking guys who both have the surname 'Patel.' Under no curcumstances should SCP-Amazing be given a banana, as this could lead to a sofloantonio Class end of the world seneario.