Item #: SCP-3011

Object Class: Thaumiel Neutralized Keter Euclid Explained Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3011 is to be kept in the cafeteria at Site-7 and is to be used as an element of food and is not to be used in anything other than eating. Anyone caught doing this will have SCP-3011 removed from their grasp so that the chocolaty soft goodness of the cookies will never agin touch their lips and smooth their famished nature.

Procedures Kappa 1-5: One(1) - two(2) cookies are to be given to Class-D personnel during their lunch hour. This will increasethe moral of test subjects and prevent riots and or disorderly behavior. Foundation personnel may also consume these cookies, RESPONSIBLY.

Description: SCP-3011 is a batch of twenty-six(26) choclate chip cookies synthesized in Dr. British's own kitchen [It's very nice]. SCP-3011 shows no amnomalous properties until a human consumes one(1) cookie. Upon digestion stage 1 (dissolvation through salivate secretions) the human subject will have an increased state of happiness that will last approximately 2 1/2 hours. In this state, the subject will have an increased urge to talk make friends and above all, eat more cookies. Humans will not gorge down cookies but will preference to have three(3) - four(4) more cookies. Once a succulent batch cookies are fully consumed, a new batch will reapear in Dr. British's office.

Addendum A-1: SCP-3011 is now thaumiel

Addendum A-2: SCP-3011 is now neutralized

Addendum A-3: SCP-3011 is now classified as Keter

Addendum A-4: SCP-3011 is now de-classified to Euclid

Addendum A-5: SCP-3011 is now an Explained anomaly

Addendum A-6: SCP-3011 is now clasified as Safe

Addendum B-1: All attempts to enter Dr. British's kitchen to recover baking materials have been met with 2 guards armed with L58A2 Bul-pup assault rifles.

Note: God, these cookies are AMAZING. Please, please let him mass produce these, I was the first person to try his new recipe, and I propose Procedure Kappa 1-5 - Security Agent Daniel.