Item #: SCP-3007

Object Class: Euclid Safe

Special Containment procedures: SCP-3007 is to be kept in a 15' x 11' x 10' standard containment chamber with minor steel reinforcement. SCP-3007 is to be tied down using reinforced steel cables.

Any personnel involved, whether observing or falling are to receive psychiatric evaluation and then will be released(victims are no longer designated SCP-3007-1 after evaluation).

Description: SCP-3007 is a 10' long carpet manufactured by Smith & Sons Co. with the print date as 2/12/1978.

SCP-3007 shows no unusual properties until any sentient organism, now known as SCP-3007-1, stands on SCP-3007. If SCP-3007-1 stands on SCP-3007 for 1.27 seconds total, SCP-3007-will proceed to quickly slide itself backwards causing the SCP-3007-1's feet to fly backwards and eventually have the upper-half of their body fall forwards.

If any subject observes this event, whether through live camera feed (also works in a past recording) or in person, the observer will enter of state of extreme laughter. This laughter will increase if the SCP-3007-1 is carrying a plate of food, or anything that will make a a large mess as SCP-3007-1 will face plant into whatever they are carrying.

Once SCP-3007-1 has fallen and gets up, SCP-3007 will then slide forward, causing the subject to fall backwards. This will cause an even greater amount of laughter in any observers present.

SCP-3007 appears to be sentient as it can move at will. Method of locomotion is unknown. SCP-3007 is capable of breaching containment but will not pose a threat to any personnel. See Breach Report 1-2.

Breach Report 1-2: 
1543: SCP-3007 Breaches containment during a test. 
1546: SCP-3007 then relocates itself to the cafeteria by [Relocated by sliding through ventilation shaft tunnels 4,5 and 6].
1558: SCP-3007 causes 5 personnel to trip and drop their meals. [SCP-3007-01 through 05]. 

 1600: SCP-3007 is located by Mobile Task Force β7
1605: SCP-3007 is re-contained

Addendum A-1: SCP-3007 is capable of blending in with the environment to go unnoticed.

Note: Me and my unit are trained not to speak, but when I was eating lunch with my team, there was no holding back the laughter when Dr. Suginami face planted on his nuclear sludge soup. - Beta-7 Unit-8

Can someone send me the security footage of Suginami face planting? I'll take the risk; Suginami needed to be tripped. -Dr. Logik

Granted - [REDACTED]

Addendum A-2: Dr. Logik, for a short period of time, was designated as SCP-3007-1. He was released after a day of evaluation.

Worth it. -Dr. Logik