Note: Yes, this numerical designation is in chronological order. I've got concept ideas for a few more SCPs that I have yet to write a detailed file for. Expect them in the near future.

Item #: SCP-3005

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3005 is to be contained within a 4cm-thick tungsten-iridium alloy shell with dampening foam pads glued to the exterior. Magnets will be implanted at various points throughout the shell. This sphere is to be suspended on a specially-constructed magnetic pedestal in the center of a 30 x 30 x 30 meter chamber. Walls are to be reinforced with 20cm-thick padded tungsten-iridium alloy panels. No organic matter is to be allowed within 10 meters of SCP-3005 unless for testing purposes.

Description: SCP-3005 is a sphere roughly 8cm in diameter. The exterior is plain and silvery-gray, giving the appearance of a large steel ball bearing. The sphere is composed of a [REDACTED] noted for its apparent ferromagnetic properties. Unusually, these properties are exhibited exclusively toward organic matter rather than metallic solids and other nonorganic polar substances. The object will demonstrate these properties aggressively if an organic composition enters a 10 meter radius of it. As of its creation as a part of an experiment to develop [REDACTED], it was deemed too unstable an instance for the experiment. If an organic composition enters within its activation radius, SCP-3005 will violently attract to it, causing severe physical damage on contact. Effects on humans have proved extremely fatal, ranging from shattered limbs to complete mutilation, some corpses having been observed torn into something of a mush (Keter classification pending).

Addendum 3005-01: During a test, at least half of MTF Omicron-4 is to be on standby within or just outside the containment cell. The supervisors and administrators are to be equipped with Magnetic Suspension Tools and padded 6cm-thick titanium-tungsten alloy armor. All handling of SCP-3005 is to be done with MSTs unless given to Class-D personnel.

I don't think re-classifying it to Keter would be a good idea. It doesn't really have the intent to terminate all signs of life. It's safe if we just leave it the hell alone. -Dr. Logik