Stands for all Class-D personnel currently participating in testing are to be taken to Sector 4 or face termination. (Unconfirmed) Period.

Protocol AD Edit

'AD' Stands for authorized detonation.

Protocol AD means that a warhead detonation is approved. This is very rare in a site. In the event of the occurance, all personnel is to exit the heavy containment zone and is to report to the Nuclear Shelter immediately. The warheads that can be used are the Alpha warheads which cannot break the Nuclear Shelter (NS for short). The next type is the Omega warheads and can blow up the facility. The helicopters will be used in this situation as the atomic blast will be too powerful to keep the NS secure.

Protocol UD Edit

'UD' Stands for unauthorized detonation. This means warheads will be fired but are not authorized for use.This is very rarely enacted and means that a warhead of some type will be fired. Warheads are only used for several severe breaches and if re-containment has failed.

In protocol UD, All personnel are to report to the Nuclear shelter, which either I.A or I.S.D or a high ranking person will have the code for.

You will then be alerted if a warhead will be fired and if one is, Which type. If the Omega warheads are fired then personnel are evacuated with helicopters.


AD will lockdown breached area and MTF will go secure lockdown and ask to open lockdown MTF enter breached area and lockdown will close for this actions are most used Beta-7 or Alpha-1

Protocol: HOA

"HOA" Stands for Heal One Another, and is normally declared during raids and riots. This protocol grants all MD the right to use the Defibrillators, regardless of rank. All MD are to create a formation of defibs around the Access Hall, Defibrillators fully charged.