Name: █████████ ███████

Nickname: Dragon

D.O.B: ██/██/████

Clearance: Level-3

Mobile Task Force Nu-7 "Hammer Down" Task Force Leader.

Can be found at: Site-██, Site-██, and ████-████-██

History: Little is known about 'Dragon' as there is little information leaked. Dragon mysteriously appeared at the beginnings of the Foundation at his level and has provided no further information before then. What is known is that 'Dragon' is former SD lieutenant, ScD senior researcher, MD nurse, IA special agent, Mobile Task Force Beta-7, and importantly ███████████ ███. He is hated by a small number of O5 and/or level-5 for disclosed reasons, however any staff rating on 'Dragon' has led to no success.

Notes: Keep this god damn file closed to everyone. If I see god damn ANYONE open it it's gonna be Omega-7 all over again. -████ ███████

Quotes: "There has been a, slight, change in plans." "You are of no further use, my apologies." "We can all see your doing a great job of that... Heh."

Personal Doc: If your reading this, then you probably were brought here by something. Kinda like how you were brought to the foundation, yeah? Well whatever that thing may be, you joined the foundation for a reason. You joined the foundation because you want to help the world. So don't act like your doing horrible things, teach others, welcome them to the foundation. That's all you'll ever need to know in the foundation, as long as you've got your comrades to assist you. Your good, trust me.

End File...