Name: Dr. Logik

Age: ██

Clearance: Level-4

D.O.B: █/█/██, ██████, Ontario.

Head Researcher Currently, Dr. Logik is a Senior Researcher, although he is suspected to be re-instated as an HR soon.

Can be found at: Site-61, Site-97, Site-7, Site-22

History: Dr. Logik joined the Foundation owned by former Administrator Boyed. He was a Class-D personnel, with little to no knowledge on SCP objects. However, when the group was disbanded, he joined the group that had been saved, owned by Administrator Eltork. He joined the Scientific Department, and has worked as a Junior Researcher, a Researcher, and a Senior Researcher, before being promoted to his current rank, a Head Researcher. He is now very knowledgeable on many SCP's including the SCP's contained at sites 61 and 97.

Additional Notes: Dr. Logik has been in multiple tests, and has had a friendly relationship with Dr. Adom(fired). Dr. Adom began to, as Dr. Logik puts it, "became obsessed with testing, and wanting me to come along all the time".

Dr. Adom was fired after an incident, causing him to "spam" the radio.

Dr. Logik has had few infractions, but most were when he was a Researcher of Level-2 clearance. These infractions have included: Entering the Class-D cell block without permission, and testing without Security. These infractions have not been repeated.


"I don't know what's so confusing. SCP-096 is not Keter!"

"From now on, I will be referred to as 'Dr. Logik'."

"C.I are just noobs and scrubs who were mad because they couldn't get in the facility."

"School equals inactivity."

"Aaaand 97 is gone."

Addendum-1: Dr. Zilla is forbidden to assist or spectate on ANY of my tests. I once let him spectate a 173 test. He opened the chamber door without my permission, which caused a breach. -Dr. Logik.

Addendum-2: Dr. Logik currently manages the orientations for new personnel. He once, however, directed an orientation for Class-D personnel.