Unauthorized Personnel will be detained and [REDACTED] will be given to them.

Note: Why the [REDACTED] are the [REDACTED] having extreme security on this breach?

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Object(s) Involved: SCP-682, SCP-049


Incident catigory: 682 Breach

Incident Report:

1622: Dr. [REDACTED] kills Agent. [REDACTED] and Dr.[REDACTED] during a SCP-049 test.

1634: Dr.[REDACTED] releases SCP-049.

1640: MTF Beta-7 is dispatched.

1645: The Site is ambushed by the Chaos Insurgency.

1650: Dr.[REDACTED] is killed before releasing SCP-096.

1654: SCP-049 breaks into SCP-682's containment chamber and deactivates the acid.

1656: SCP-682 breaches containment.

Note: SCP-049 somehow knew where SCP-682's containment chamber was.

1700: [REDACTED] MTF are dispatched to recontain SCP-682.

1725: SCP-049 kills Dr.[REDACTED] and Agent.[REDACTED].

1730: SCP-049 willingly is recontained.

1732: MTF squad [REDACTED] are killed by SCP-682

Note: A whole MTF squad? We really need SCP-682 destroyed! -Dr [REDACTED]

1745: SCP-682 is successfully contained.

1800: The remaining Chaos Insurgency are eliminated, apart from their leader

Note: We have learned alot of information about the Chaos Insurgency from that CI leader,

Addendum A-1: SCP-049 knows where SCP-682's containment cell is.

Addendum A-2: SCP-682 strangely avoided SCP-049, requesting a debriefing of SCP-49 to find out what the [REDACTED] it was thinking.

Note: We need SCP-049 moved to a different Site due to this getting really dangerous, I mean SCP-049 breaching the one of the most dangerous SCP's known to the Foundation?

Note: Didn't the same thing happen a few weeks back, I mean, SCP-682 didn't heal for like a whole months, we need to find out what SCP-049 administered into SCP-682, give it a large dosage of it, then use the NEMP-GAMMA THERMONUCLEAR V6 WARHEAD. - SD Daniel

Note: If we did that and it also became immune to it, we'd be [REDACTED] beyond belief -Dr.[REDACTED]