ITF - Idle Task Force Alpha - 1 Edit

Creation: 8/5/1991 Edit

Authorization: [REDACTED] Edit

Description: Idle Task Forces [ITF] are very similar to Mobile Task Forces [MTF]. The only different is that they aren't mobile, but instead, are idle. They are not dispatched to a site if an SCP breached. They are allocated and assigned to a Site and are to stay there, hence "idle". They are a First Response team that colaberates with the [REDACTED]. They only deal with threats in their assigned site. Edit

ITF Alpha - 1: Based on the fact that this ITF is the first of its kind, It seemed only fitting to designate it Alpha and 1. This ITF is assigned to [REDACTED]. ITF Alpha - 1 personnel are to be recruited from Mobile Task Forces, [REDACTED], or in some cases, the Security department. All personnel recruited must have recommendations. This message has been approved by the MTF AD skount. It was also approved by the AtomicFart meme creator. It was also approved by slenderkid4891. Edit