The Global Occult Coalition was formed after WWII ended. Defecting occultists, psychics, priests, and scientists from Nazi, Soviet, and Allied states formed alliances with each other to create the GOC. The GOC is bent on:

  1. Locating and capturing any anomalous objects.
  2. Destroying said captured anomalous object by means of using high tech technology given to them by their benefactors

Note: The GOC has destroyed many potential SCPs before the foundation could contain them.

The GOC can be either allied or against the foundation depending on the circumstances, but they have recognized the power of the foundation enough to leave it alone, most of the time. Any GOC personnel on the server are to be treated with suspicion. ISDs are to remain close to said personnel to make sure they don't try to destroy any SCPs. GOC Personnel are not to be treated like the C.I. They are a force in which you only engage if they engage you but beyond those circumstances they are to be treated as allies or more specifically, a neutral power. They are not to be "let in". Arrangements have to be made and there has to be a logical reason for allowing a GOC Agent into the facility.

Note: Since Site-61 was changed in the outer layout and other minor changes, the GOC are not an available division to join.