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OBJECT LEVEL: Euclid Keter Edit

Name: Kellin

Clearance: [REDACTED]

Past occupations: SD Sergeant, MD Specialist, ScD Junior Reseacher

Description: Working alongside, [REDACTED], and [REDACTED], this personnel will get the job done quicker than SCP-100000-J could travel. It is highly advisable to not offend this personnel unless you are up for a consequence. This personnel is very hard to contain. When outside forces are captured by this personnel, they are not to return.

Addendum 1 - 10-2-14: Implantation of 4,000 emergency nuclear warheads at ████████ has been determined to be too frivolous and costly, and the application has been rejected by O5-11. However, implantation of 3,900 emergency nuclear warheads is gaining traction as a basic necessity, and is under careful consideration.


Personnel Kellin took interest of the SCPF community at around December. Work efforts were poured out, many hours of working at the sites. Originally, I took interest in Security Division because I thought patrolling and working with comrades was amazing. After careful consideration, I took a job at Medical Department and ranked all the way to being a specialist. Later on, I left the Security Division due to unforeseen circumstances and join the Science Division instead. Moving forward to the present, I am now director of [DATA EXPUNGED].

KeIIin for the last time we're not cataloging you as an SCP, this is the fourth time this week you've used your codes to edit your profile, the tech team and I are getting tired. -Agent Doubt Statement Redacted by order of Director KeIIin


The subjects that are captured by this personnel is to be, in numerical order:

  1. Subject is to be incinerated
  2. The incinerator is to be incinerated
  3. The ashes of the subject is to be nuked at most twice by Dr. Suginami
  4. The ashes are to be molded in concrete
  5. The concrete is to be placed on a space shuttle
  6. The space shuttle is to launch into outer space at course of the Sun
  7. The Sun will burn out
  8. A supernova will occur and that is the end of the solar system

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