Alias: Dr. Light

D.O.B:██/█/████, ███ █████, Nevada

Clearance: Level-3

Positions: Senior Researcher of the Scientific Department

Can be found at: Site-7, Site-97, Site-61, Site-22, Site-79

History: Originally began in the SCP Foundation of Moliverde. After gaining the clearance of Level-1, he met Dr.█████, who had just made a new Site. Immediately they became friends and both came involved with developing. Later, Dr. Light decided to transfer to a different foundation. Dr. Light then joined the Foundation's Scientific Division, and in a short period of time showed his knowledge of SCP's and earned the title of 'Senior Researcher'. Now, Dr. Light is very involved with developing new SCP's, researching SCP's, and has developed a strange obsession with making ROBLOX short films of SCP Tales.


"I prefer 'Dr. Light' please..."

"You press the code part of 294 after putting your key card into the slot..."

"If life gives you lemons, don't eat them, they are too sour."

"Trust me, I'm a professional."

"Mad Science."