Name: Dr. Earth ██████

Age: 32, I mean...██

D.O.B: [REDACTED] Norway, somewhere.

Clearance: L-3

Senior Researcher of the Scientific Department, Specialist of the Medical Department.

Can be found at: Site 61, Site 97.

History: Dr. Earth started as a lonely CD, as everyone else in this facility, Dr. Earth was regularly in his cell 3 Hours a day and waiting for someone to do something, but at the time he found a piece of paper and coal from the wall, he began to write an application about how he is clever and magnificent in many ways. At that time he was accepted to become a L-0 at the time, Dr. Earth signed himself into the ScD and was waiting for someone to do a test so he can spectate and see what would become out of it. One man did a test and was my teacher at the time aswell , which sadly has left the ScD and SCPF Dr. Owl was my teacher at that time. Dr. Earth had learnt everything he could from Dr. Owl and was ready to become a Jr. Researcher at the time, he was continously testing and exploring the sites he was assigned too. Dr. Earth signed up for the L-1 Clearence which he passed and he could test safe SCP's, He had reached L-3 in the Foundation aswell as co-workers, Dr. British, Dr. Kain was the usual people he talked with, But Dr. Earth was especially good at finding out what people had in mind, and if they had any problems with themselfs. Dr. Earth is from Norway, which explains why he likes it in the cold. He is usually around the MB and doing check-ups on every personell, to see and check if they are happy with themselfs, and the facility they are in.

Additional Notes: Dr. Earth and Dr. British have these small talks about different things. And they have become pretty good friends by now. Dr. Earth stays at the cafeteria from time to time, to get a cup of tea or biscuits and such.


"I might have breached, SCP-173 for the fifteenth time."

"By any chance, do you have a sandwich?"

"I'll rather go to the chamber in a breach, then stay at the breach shelter, it smells..."

Addendum-1: Do not enter SCP-173's chamber at night, because I stay there at night, if you go in there at night, you see things you never wanna see again. -Dr. Earth

No special times with the SCPs, we've told you this before. - SD LT. Edward