Administrative Department Edit

This division is for L-4 and L-5 personnel that are dedicated in reading applications. This department is also for divisional directors and their divisional representatives. 

This Department is headed by the O5 Council in 
allowing division heads to communicate with other departments and working to fix any follies within each sector. 

Department of External Affairs (DEA) Edit

The Department of External Affairs, or DEA, focuses on negotiations with other foundations as well as groups of interests in discussing terms of alliance or hostilities. This Department is filled with the Foundation's most charismatic personnel with influential traits in achieving their diplomatic goals.

Engineering and Technical Service Department Edit

E&T is responsible for technical maintenance and everyday services of all facilities and equipment in active Foundation use. This department is responsible for designing new containment zones for various Skips around foundation-run areas/sites. E&T personnel is also responsible for ensuring that all facility systems operate as usual and that no technical errors occur. 

Ethics Committee Edit

Ethics Committee is a small independent department responsible for reviewing containment procedures and checking conducted experiments for excessive waste or inappropriate use of Class D employees and other resources. The committee is also responsible of determining what is acceptable and what isn't among the workplace by developing new rules and programs under the supervision of the O5 Council. 

Intelligence Agency Edit

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Internal Security Department Edit


Logistics Department Edit


Manufacturing Department Edit

The Manufacturing Department is the development branch of the Foundation. This division is responsible for building sites, SCPs, scripting, and anything beneficial for the foundation. The manufacturing department is the very reason why the Foundation has advanced technology for their sites. 

Medical Department Edit

The Medical Department is responsible for the well being of the Foundation's employees and running checkups on CDs to see how tests affect them. They go through the difficult task in curing any unknown wounds, cures, traumas and so on due to the Foundation's natural work. The Medical Department specializes in various different areas such as psychology, and many within the department have the ability to run surgeries. 

Mobile Task Forces Edit

Mobile Task Force (MTF) consists of the best and most skilled operatives within the SCP Foundation. MTF deals with numerous situations regarding the foundation such a re-containing of breached SCPs, defence/attack on raiders, and various operations on the site, allowing the site to run efficiently and safely.

Scientific Department Edit

The Science Division is composed of the world's most brilliant minds that spend their entire life's work in finding the secrets of our contained SCPs. These scientists are tasked with studying these anomalies and developing countermeasures for breached events. This division is recruited from various scientific fields. 

Security Department Edit

The Security Division is the last line defense when it comes to the Foundation's safety. Security assists in any testing so if a breach occurs, security will evacuate all personnel and lock down the area until MTF's arrival. Their sole purpose is to keep the scientists, researchers, medical doctors, janitors, and any essential personnel safe from the outside terrors and life-threatening SCPs.